Week Seven Power Rankings (NFL)

1. Philadelphia Eagles– They’ve moved their way up to the top spot in the rankings. They are playing great football right now in every phase. Their offense is balanced, their defense is showing up and they are getting the job done on special teams as well and when you can do all that, you’ll be pretty tough to beat. I said it once and I’ll say it again, this team right now is the best in the NFC. Everything is going well for them. A win against Washington on Monday night and they’ve pretty much locked up the NFC East for the year. I couldn’t see any other team chasing them down in the division.

2. Pittsburgh Steelers– When they establish Le’Veon Bell, when Ben Roethlisberger is taking care of the football and Antonio Brown is making catches down the field and he’s wearing those colorific suits, this is a good football team and they may have the most potent offense in the NFL. Last week was their biggest win of the season as they defeated the Chiefs for the third time in a row in less than a year and handed them their first loss of the season. Now, let’s see if they can keep it rolling right now. Rivalry game today against the Bengals.

3. Kansas City Chiefs– They’ve been in control of the power rankings for most of the year. They will still get some love from me though. After that hot start, they’ve now dropped their last two games including a nail biter to the Oakland Raiders on Thursday Night Football. Alex Smith still continues to have the best season of his professional career. He’s yet to throw an interception. They’ll bounce back and get into the win column again.

4. New England Patriots– They’ve definitely improved, but they can still play better. The offensive line is terrible and I haven’t seen Tom get hit this much since that AFC title game against Denver. The offense is still handling its business and the defense is still bad, but they make plays when they have too. It’s a super Sunday rematch for them on Sunday Night Football.

5. Los Angeles Rams– I’ve been more than impressed with them so far this season. Their game against Jacksonville was one of the more intriguing battles last Sunday and for a majority of the game, the defenses controlled everything until the Rams got a big-time touchdown from their Special Teams unit. Is this finally the year when they overtake the Seattle Seahawks in the division?