Week Six Power Rankings (NFL)

1. Kansas City Chiefs– They are 5-0 for the first time since 2013 and in complete control of the AFC West. I’ve been sold on them since the opening win against the Patriots in Foxborough. Did you ever think Alex Smith would ever be mentioned as an MVP candidate? That’s what he’s looked like so far. The defense is still holding its own and just imagine how scary they’ll be when Dee Ford and Tamba Hali return. That’s a scary thought.

2. Green Bay Packers– Where would these guys be without Aaron Rodgers? By now, y’all should know that I refer to him like that because he’s automatic, like that. The minute the Cowboys gave him all that time on the clock, I had the utmost confidence that he’d get the job done and they’d leave Dallas with the victory. I’m so happy for Davante Adams. He takes that viscous hit in week four and the following week, he scores the game-winning touchdown. Let’s also talk about Aaron Jones and the depth and balance he brings to this offense. Keep him in the lineup.

3. Philadelphia Eagles– I’m a believer in them. I’m completely sold. Doug Pedersen right now would have my vote for coach of the year if the season ended today. What about the stock of Carson Wentz and how he’s improved greatly in year two? He’s on the same page with all of his receivers, he has a running game to lean on and the defense is also handling its business. They picked Cam off three times in that big road win on Thursday night. Right now, this is their division to own.

4. Atlanta Falcons– The bye week is over and it’s time for them to get back to work, especially in a conference where it’s extremely competitive. Getting back to being 100 percent healthy was the major point of emphasis. The injuries to their receivers in their last game really hit them hard and they ended up being upset at the hands of the Buffalo Bills. They’ve yet to play any of their divisional rivals yet (which will tell us more about them) and they also have some games with Seattle and some team named New England coming soon.

5. Denver Broncos– This is an under the radar contender if they continue to click. Finally, this offense is coaching Trevor Siemian to his strengths. They realize this isn’t the Peyton Manning led offense that they’ve had the luxury of seeing for four years. With a healthy C.J. Anderson, Trevor taking care of the football and the defense returning to its 2015 form, this is the biggest threat to Kansas City in the AFC. They return to play the New York Giants and the way their offense will look tonight without Odell, this defense should eat well.