NFL Power Rankings (Week Four)

1. Kansas City Chiefs– They have been the most impressive team in the AFC so far. When you think of them, you automatically think of control the clock, Alex Smith as the game manager and that defense. This is the most aggressive I’ve seen their offense look in a really long time. Their offense is third in scoring, averaging 31 points per game and the defense is ranked seventh giving up 19 to their opponents. Justin Houston has looked like the early defensive player of the year (four sacks, 16 tackles and three batted balls already on the season) They sit on top with a comfortable, yet early lead in the AFC West with both Denver and Oakland losing last weekend.

2. Atlanta Falcons– To win in the NFL and be considered elite, you have to show you can win games any type of way, and they’ve done just that. They almost lost in Chicago in week one, they handled the Packers in week two and they escaped another close game on Sunday in Detroit. What’s even more appalling is that Matt Ryan threw three interceptions and they still found a way to escape and win the football game. They’ve defeated two quarterbacks who both made the playoffs last year in back to back weeks. The NFC still belongs to them for the time being.

3. New England Patriots– It’s about time they made it on here. Tom Brady is still on top of his game. He’s thrown eight touchdown passes and not a single interception so far on the young season. After dropping their opener to the Chiefs, they’ve bounced back only the way they can by winning two games in a row and a thriller against Houston. I’m extremely concerned about the defense, but as long as they have Brady, they will win games nonetheless.

4. Dallas Cowboys– Now, that’s how you bounce back and whenever a football team can display balance, great things will happen. After getting the brakes beat off of them in Denver in week two, we all wondered how would they bounce back? Was Zeke figured out? Is Dak Prescott really a product of the system and is he really not that great when he doesn’t have that running game to lean on? I bought up the balance at the top of the paragraph. Zeke carried the ball 22 times and Dak threw it a total of 18 times. What really impressed me was their defense and with Demarcus Lawrence on the field, they are much better.

5. Green Bay Packers– The Packers are 2-1, that’s a good thing, right? It is, but they need better production from Aaron Rodgers. In the first half of games so far, he’s thrown only one touchdown pass and three interceptions. The record may be good, but he will have to improve and get off to quicker starts especially with two brutal road games coming in weeks five and six against Dallas and Minnesota.