Same Face, New Place

The draft is over, free agency has gone and came and the schedules for the 2017 NFL season so we know who plays who, when and where, I think that’s the most important question. This off-season, the Kansas City Chiefs decided to move on from Jamaal Charles after eight seasons and he was a very valuable asset to the Kansas City Chiefs offense. The big question is who would sign him? He’s been injured throughout his career and recently tore his ACL in 2015 and tried to come back from that injury in 2016, but his knee never fully healed and suffered a setback and was placed on injured reserve once again. It’s been tough to see a guy with so much talent get slowed down by injuries. Jamaal Charles will play next season though. He’ll still be in the same division which is the AFC West but with a new team: The Denver Broncos.

When he’s healthy, he’s still a top-five running back to some and I wouldn’t disagree with it but I’m curious to see how he tries to bounce back this time around from the setback he had from his previous knee injury. He’s far from a big guy, but that doesn’t mean anything. If you can play the game, you can play the game no matter what. Anytime he touches the football, he has the potential to score and take it to the end zone and that’s what makes him so dangerous. He can run it in between the tackles and that could be six points possibly, he can catch it on a screen pass and that’s a big play waiting to happen or you could get him the ball on a halfback toss and you have no idea what to expect from him because of the shiftiness he displays in the open field. He’s a home run threat everytime the ball is in his possession. He’s a finesse back and finesse backs often depend on shaking and baking a defender to create separation and that’s all Jamaal needs to get into space. His ability to change directions is incredible and he needs only a little bit of a crease to get through and run free.

I think this is a good a move for the Broncos and it gives them a veteran running back who I see being used in multiple ways for the Denver offense. With C.J. Anderson coming back from injury, this could give Denver a nice tandem out the backfield. This is the third star running back to switch teams this year. Adrian Peterson signed with the Saints last week, Marshawn Lynch came out of retirement and was traded to his hometown Oakland Raiders and now, Jamaal Charles is a Denver Bronco.