2017 NFL Draft- Losers

1. Kansas City Chiefs– I was extremely puzzled by this move to trade up with the Buffalo Bills with the tenth pick in the draft. Here’s the thing about the draft, you truly have to expect the unexpected because you don’t know what teams are willing to do to get a player that they feel will fit in the best within their organization. Pat Mahomes was predicted to be a late first rounder and he could’ve very well fallen to Kansas City at 27 where they were originally in the draft order. Mahomes could become the best quarterback in this draft and he was taken before Deshaun Watson who was arguably the best quarterback prospect in this class. Mahomes has a big arm and can make nice throws down the field, but he’s a couple of years away from starting in the NFL. The Chiefs gave up way too much to draft him. They sent their 2017 & 2018 first-rounders and a 2017 third rounder to draft the former Texas Tech quarterback. Giving up a third-round pick was simply way too much.

2. Chicago Bears– Okay, let me explain why they are here and hopefully you can see the angle from where I’m coming from. The Bears made a move that had the entire football community discussing them and quite frankly, they still are. One of the biggest issues as of late for the Bears has been their defense and they haven’t had a guy they could build around since the Brian Urlacher days, let’s be real here. Here’s the way I looked at this: The Bears were given a platter with the finest foods on it (the best defensive players: Jamal Adams, Marshon Lattimore, Malik Hooker) and decided to pass that away for a value menu. In other words, the deal with San Francisco was unnecessary as the 49ers had their eyes on Solomon Thomas the entire time. They gave the 49ers their third pick, 67th pick, 111th pick and a 2018 third-rounder three draft picks and with those, the Bears could’ve drafted their potential franchise quarterback right there later in the draft or even next season. Ten years from now, we could say the Bears really went all out for Tribusky if he were to pan out. Right now, everything is up in the air.

3. New York Giants– If the Giants had really thought out what was needed the most, it was offensive line help, not another offensive weapon for Eli Manning because they have enough of those now. The Giants offensive line has been absolutely atrocious and Eli has been running for his life. This was a panic move by Jerry Reese selecting Evan Engram from Ole Miss and I’m not knocking this kid’s game. He’s athletic, he runs a 4.42 40, he’s speedy, moves well after the catch and he can be used all over the place on the field. The glaring issue, however, was the offensive line and a guy like Forrest Lamp or Ryan Ramczyk would’ve been ideal here.

4. New York Jets– Everything started well for the Jets when they selected Jamal Adams with the sixth overall pick and he can be the face of that Jets defense for years to come. Secondary players from LSU always seem to do really well in the league (Patrick Peterson and Tyrann Mathieu are two perfect examples). They decided to draft another safety in Marcus Maye in the second round and didn’t really get what they truly needed (cornerback). In the later rounds, the Jets spent their next three picks on wide receivers and didn’t get a cornerback until the third day of the draft. A quarterback would’ve been a smart move here too according to some unless they are planning on starting Petty next season which I see happening.