2017 NFL Draft- Cornerbacks

1. Marshon Lattimore (Ohio State)– He was a prize in the 2014 recruiting class and was expected to make an immediate impact, but hamstring injuries kept him sidelined. Once he was healthy, we saw what he was capable of doing and he didn’t disappoint. He has the lower body explosiveness to spring in multiple directions. Play speed is extremely critical for the position and he can check this off his list as he displays a mix of movements and the sudden quickness to match up with any type of receiver. He attaches himself hip-to-hip in coverage and runs better routes than the receiver. He’s mentally alert and plays with a self-assured confidence that he’s the best defender on the field and can shut down an entire side of the field.

2. Marlon Humphrey (Alabama)– He boasts an exciting combination of size, straight-line speed and physicality for the position. Possesses a broad-shouldered well-built frame with long arms well-suited to press coverage. Shows balance and provides a pop with his initial jam, showing good extension and body control to harass receivers off the snap. Isn’t reliant on the jam, showing enough flexibility and balance to open his hips, turn and accelerate down the sideline with even the speediest of receivers. Good awareness, including in zone coverage, where he shows a feel for routes developing behind him while keeping his eyes trained on the quarterback. Attacks would-be blockers on quick screens and in run support, showing the strength and determination to set the edge and force ball-carriers to adjust. Good size, timing and leaping ability to contest jump balls, with good hands for the interception. Tracks the ball well over his shoulder and can pluck outside of his frame.

3. Tre’Davious White (LSU)– LSU has been known to produce some good cornerbacks over the years. Patrick Peterson is one and he’s arguably the top corner in the league. Tre’Davious White is the next guy on that list. He can sit back in the zone and then proceed to make a tackle on the ball-carrier. He almost plays the position as if he were a safety with his ability to run downhill and make tackles in the open field. He sticks to his receiver at all times while keeping his eyes on the quarterback. He has the fluid quickness and the pure athleticism to blanket a receiver and will use his instincts to disrupt the catch.

4. Gareon Conley (Ohio State)– When you have an island named after you because of what you are able to accomplish without safety help over the top, you must have the game. He may not be the star that Marshon Lattimore was in Columbus, but Gareon Conley could become a top five corner at the professional level in due time. He collects his feet quickly to press and shadow each receiver and when the ball is thrown up in the air, he goes up for it as if he were the intended receiver. He’s a pure man to man cover and reads the quarterback’s every move. He can anticipate the route to read and get a head start on how to position himself in order to make the best play possible. He has natural ball skills with the hand-eye coordination to finish the interceptions that he knows he should have.

5. Kevin King (Washington)– He’s a bigger corner that’s very agile and shows the loose hips to turn and shadow receivers when defending in press coverage. He’s a very cerebral player with the skillset to play in zone coverage, anticipates routes underneath and closes quickly downhill to break up passes. He’s very physical and that’s what those taller corners will do. What stands out to me about him is his versatility. He has the size, speed, strength, acceleration and open-field tackling to revert back to play free safety.