2017 NFL Draft- Quarterbacks

1. DeShaun Watson (Clemson)– We’ve all come to know this young man over the last two seasons and what’s not to like about him? He was a Heisman candidate as a Sophomore just two seasons ago and last season, he led the Clemson Tigers to a victory in the national title game over the Crimson Tide of Alabama. The first thing that stands out about Watson is the remarkable athleticism he shows. As a quarterback, he’s very fluid with his vision and shows the elusiveness along with the speed to embarrass the best defenses (ask Nick Saban). In the pocket, he can place the football beautifully and places it in tight windows along with the ability to deliver long passes down the sidelines. I see a mix of Tyrod Taylor and he’s also a more athletic Vince Young.

2. Mitch Tribusky (North Carolina)– He was a one-year starter in the Tar Heels’ uptempo, zone-read scheme and took a majority of his snaps from the pistol and shotgun formations. He’s a tall guy with a very solid build for the position and he’s a great athlete with the skill-set to display his mobility and the body strength to escape pressure. Other than moving outside of the pocket, he shows great awareness and mental toughness in the pocket and can move up to deliver a pass when the pressure is coming. He’s a very confident passer and shows a cool and calm mentality in late game situations.
He also takes tremendous care of the football (he threw a total of six interceptions in 2016).

3. Brad Kaaya (The U)– He was one of my favorites to watch whenever a Miami Hurricanes game came on and I think he can put together a nice career in the NFL. The first thing I take away from watching him is the mental toughness he displayed as he only missed one game in three seasons altogether. He spreads the ball around to each receiver meaning if you’re open, he’s getting you the ball and he makes all the throws that would be considered “necessary NFL throws”. He anticipates defensive pressures pre-snap and he keeps a very cool demeanor in the pocket.

4. DeShone Kizer (Notre Dame)– When Everett Golson transferred to Florida State, Malik Zaire was tabbed to be the starter for Brian Kelly in South Bend. Zaire, unfortunately, gets hurt and that’s how we became introduced to DeShone Kizer. He has an above average arm and the strength along with the velocity to make each throw at the next level, he’s very comfortable throwing the ball down the field with the proper touch. He’s a loose athlete with functional movements in the pocket to shuffle around. He shows the poise of a veteran in the pocket and keeps his vision down the field at all times.

5. Patrick Mahomes (Texas Tech)– He had much success in the Red Raiders up-tempo and spread offensive passing attack. The first thing I remember saying to myself when I first saw him was “it looks as if he’s playing backyard football”. He’s a free thrower and slings the ball all over the field so I think it’s safe to say we can apply the gunslinger label to his name. He’s comfortable handling the ball and he improvises himself very well to buy time. He’s highly productive and leaves Lubbock, Texas as the leader in many school records passing.